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Sentence structure

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These OWL products will benefit you use ideal sentence structure in your formulating. This region covers information on grammar issues, which include count and noncount nouns, pieces (a vs an), area of interest-verb arrangement, and prepositions.

Sentence structure-relevant exercise sessions can be purchased in this case.


This powerful resource encompasses widespread spelling blunders such as settle for/excluding, ei/ie, noun plurals, and -ible/able.


This segment looks at phone numbers, creating them accordingly, when to make usage of numerical expression as an alternative.

Adjective or Adverb

This worksheet covers the discrepancies somewhere between adjectives and adverbs. It specifies adjectives and adverbs, indicates what every individual is capable of doing, and provides a few samples of any used. Get more information at some examples.

Proven tips for Adjectives and Adverbs

This tool ensures typical principles of adjective and adverb use.


This handout describes appositives and identifies how you can use them.

Pieces: A compared to An

This little handout manages which report to employ just before a noun — “a” or “an.”

Making use of Information articles (a/an/the)

This handout covers the disparities between these indefinite posts (a/an) and defined content articles (the).


This cheap term paper check plagiarism percentage find someone to write my college paper department manages prepositions along with usual usages.


This part has details about how to use pronouns safely and securely.

Comparable Pronouns

This handout offers you in-depth laws and ideas for the usage of family member pronouns (that, who, whom, in whose, which, the places, when, and why).

Depend and Noncount Nouns

This handout discusses the differences regarding count number nouns and noncount nouns. Count number nouns might be pluralized; noncount nouns can not.

Theme/Verb Contract

At any time before get “subject/verb settlement” as an problem with a newspaper? This handout will allow you appreciate this commonplace grammar drawback.

Verb Tenses

This handout details and relates to the sequence of verb tenses in The english language.

Energetic Verb Tenses

This handout offers examples among the distinctive tenses verbs can get.

Abnormal Verbs

This handout contains a list and argument of general abnormal verbs.


These OWL applications will help you with punctuation, for instance taking advantage of commas, quote marks, apostrophes, and hyphens.


When talking, you can pause or switch the color in our sounds to point out stress. When authoring, we need to use punctuation to signal these places of focus. This reference will need to assistance to make clear when and how to use several scars of punctuation.

Phrase Punctuation Styles

This handout portrays seven sentence punctuation forms with suggestions.

Self-sufficient and Based Conditions

This handout defines reliant and self-sufficient conditions and looks at the direction they are remedied in usual application.

Conquering the Comma

This web presentation was created to acquaint your classmates with all the procedures of comma application, particularly location in compound sentences, as a result of preliminary factors, with reliant keyword phrases and clauses, about nonessential issues, in a range, and with adjectives. This demonstration will even go over methods of bypassing a common comma fault-the comma splice. The 35-person glide powerpoint presentation featured the following was designed to support the facilitator within a interactive demonstration in the elements of comma ingestion. This business presentation is perfect for the beginning of a composition course, the task on the formulating work, or being refresher speech for grammar consumption.


This learning resource delivers quite a few web pages about comma use.

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