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We work with businesses big and small helping them to increase organic growth, installs, retention and revenue. If we find an even better set of words, we will give you this new set of keywords for free! The thing with you, dear app developer (well, maybe, just maybe it includes me too) is that you don’t like long cooked dishes. Even if all of them aren’t on top of their ASO, all you need is a few new app companies publishing each week and maintaining their ASO to give cpimobi a run for your money in the search rankings. Google cpimobi Planner Tool – this handy, years-old tool provides data on what people are searching cpimobi , which while not the same as app store searches, provides generally applicable search trends.

You can only upload a maximum of five screen shots, yet the App Store’s only going to show up to three in the gallery. The section below, though, is where you can really focus on making sure you include your relevant keywords and talk about the app’s individual features. While keywords should be carefully used, they should not obscure nor damage readability. While you shouldn’t beg your users for high ratings, by strategically marketing your app, and presenting users with a high-quality app with a good UI and UX, your app should receive high ratings that will increase the app’s visibility in the marketplace. Without App Store optimization, it’s going to be very hard for people to discover your app, since there were 1.5 million apps in the store as of July 2015! The most important aspect to understand is that keyword rankings change often according to trends, app store changes or the competition. Localizations: There are 147 iTunes App stores throughout the world with 28 languages store optimization services

These are helpful because they give you hard data about all sorts of measurements related to your app. This rule is made very clear, and is worth paying attention to. Google Play strictly bans the use of push-messages to promote advertising. For both Apple and Android apps, your app description is like your landing page. Try launching a website or mobile app and doing nothing to improve discoverability. App Reviews: This is an extremely important part of ASO in terms of conversion.


It’s well-known that neither Apple nor Google allow the app store keyword optimization of media content without Digital Right Management (DRM), except for free music. Users consider higher ranked results to be more relevant and simply do not have to scroll down to sort through all the app search results. This is a tool that has a free one week trial, which is certainly enough to find a solid list of keywords, and they’ve got other cool features beyond just keywords that would make them worth paying for.

Difficulty is how easy or difficult it will be to rank for any given keyword, or how intense the competition is. The ideal combination is a high traffic keyword that has very little competition, but that can be nearly impossible to come by. Tools like MobileDevHQ , AppTweak , Sensor Tower , and App Annie can help you with this type of app analytics.

App Store search algorithm also takes into consideration user ratings, reviews and number of downloads for a particular app. Furthermore, being proactive about managing churn, and retargeting users outside of the app itself, can mean the difference between success and failure. Most app stores use the amounts you grow and the previous week is more important than the previous month.

The higher the rank, the more visibility your app will get- translating into more downloads and more traffic. Good and catchy app title is able to help you spread the word of mouth but at the same time it should be as descriptive as possible. Learn how to use keyword research, indexing, deep linking, and outstanding visuals to increase your app ranking and reach more customers. Over the course of a month, Google Play processes six million unique search phrases.

While it’s still true that rankings are not the most important factor (clearly, there are myriad components to app store optimization) this new data says that the number of ratings matters more in the algorithm than it used to. Of course, the higher the rankings the better. While much of the world speaks English and the App Store caters to an American audience, the truth is that much of the world doesn’t speak English. There were around 84% apps in the app-store which did not have keywords in their titles. Keyword-stuffed app titles are huge warning signs to today’s app store visitors that the app is poorly made, or otherwise not of high quality and not worth an install or their time. A good name not only identifies what your app does to prospective users, but it can also improve your rankings.

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