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Rav-Milim Ha-Shalem is the most up-to-date and comprehensive dictionary available for the Hebrew language today, both in printed format and as a website. The dictionary was written and developed by a team of linguists and software developers headed by the renowned computational linguist, Prof. Yaacov Choueka, within the Center for Educational Technology, Israel's biggest firm for educational software and technology. Rav-Milim is modern both in its content and in its attitude towards language and towards the user. In both printed form and computerized form, it is a friendly tool that is easy to use, yet it is comprehensive and includes all strata of the Hebrew language, from the Biblical to current Israeli slang. The printed edition consists of six large volumes; The computerized version packs all this information into a web site with a friendly interface, and moreover, supplements the dictionary with intelligent linguistic tools that can not only find and retrieve any of Hebrew's 70 million inflected forms, but supply upon the pressing of a button several outstanding functions, (for additional information see the Rav Milim Online section below).
"I suspect that if you own both [Rav Milim and Even Shoshan] you'll find yourself consulting Rav Milim almost exclusively ... it's easier to find words in it ... includes slang and non-standard words which you are likely to run into in a modern novel and everyday life, and which you won't find in Even Shoshan ... the auxiliary information and cross-references are organized excellently." "Rating: Five starts out of five ... This software, based on the book of the same name ... is a masterpiece ... because of its digital form with a search engine that seems almost human in its understanding, it makes the task of finding meanings of Hebrew words nearly effortless ... over 50 man-years were invested in the project, and those involved included some of the leading Hebrew linguists working today."
(Jerusalem Post)

Rav-Milim Ha-Zair: Hebrew's Children's Dictionary
Based on the new complete dictionary for the Hebrew language, Young Rav Milim (the children's version) was designed to make the treasures of the Hebrew language available to school children. Although its interface is bright and colorful (both in printed form and as a multimedia CD-ROM), its serious and precise content would also make it ideal for a learner of Hebrew as a second language, at any age. In its printed form (two large volumes), Rav-Milim Ha-Zair consists of about 20 thousand entries, and supplemented by thousands of interesting informative notes about the origin of words, stories behind them, colorful lessons about the Hebrew language, and 500 stories associated with words and idioms that are found in the dictionary; more than 1,000 colorful images supplement the bright explanations. The multimedia version includes all of this, plus Rav Milim's incredibly smart search engine; not only that, but every word can be listened to, and a sound effect is given for every entry where it is relevant. e.g. musical instruments, animals, etc. Young Rav Milim also includes a division of entries into Worlds and Sub-Worlds, such as Judaism, Communication, The Animal World, and many others. The computer version of Rav-Milim Ha-Zair currently runs on Windows 3.11 or Windows 95/98 (Hebrew support is not needed).