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Searching for text is a major activity for any computer user, and especially so for professional information specialists. Most search engines of the previous generation are programmed to recognize fixed strings of letters and symbols and ignore morphology and the context of a word. This is why their use is so frustrating and produces such incomplete and irrelevant results. In languages with rich morphology, such as Hebrew, conventional search engines are practically worthless.

Morfix is the Next Generation in search engines!

Morfix is based on a morphological and syntactic analysis of the search terms and the text of a site, making it possible to identify with lightning speed all the written forms and inflections of the search terms. Consequently it is the ultimate solution to the problem of searching web content in Hebrew and other morphologically complex languages.

Morfix simulates, in practice, the human thought patterns called into play when we read a text and understand each word as a function of its context. In this way it guarantees that only words associated with the search entry will appear in the search results.

Morfix makes it possible for every surfer to obtain precise and meaningful results, without losing information and without receiving excess information. In addition, it is the only morphological search engine that presents the search results in a form that links the search query with the relevant text (preview) as soon as the result appears, so that users do not have to enter the sites found.

Morfix provides every surfer with the following:

Maximum precision and the most relevant results of the search.
Extraordinary response time, thanks to the new technology on which the engine is based.
Unique linguistic analysis that handles:
Morphological similarity: Morfix identifies, with 100% accuracy, all inflections of the search terms, can identify the root form of the terms, and can identify all variant spellings of any word.
Soundex: Morfix checks all the possible spellings of non-Hebrew words.
Context- sensitive syntactic search: Morfix analyzes every term in context and returns meaningful results.
Synonyms (thesaurus): The Morfix database includes full information on all synonyms in the target language.
Full textual display (preview) of the search term in its context in the result on the first page of search results. This method, used by the most advanced search engines, saves your precious time by helping you decide whether it is worthwhile accessing a particular page. In Hebrew this decision is especially important, because the various inflections mean that without preview you may not even be able to locate the search term on the page.
Sophisticated and automatic handling of logical conditions and word offsets: Morfix understands what you mean even if you don't use "advanced search" syntax.