Melingo specializes in bringing to market products and services based on natural language processing (NLP) of Hebrew
Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing is one of the most rapidly developing areas of technology today. Melingo's groundbreaking technology is unique within this field, in that it succeeds in breaking down text, written in structurally complex languages, into workable components that can be processed for a multitude of purposes such as data sorting, search and retrieval or text and speech processing.

Our offerings are based on the world's most advanced morphological analysis and tagging system. Applying this system to Hebrew enables applications to overcome the difficulties posed by Hebrew’s extensive form diversification and ambiguity, and address the special challenges these pose to search, information extraction and text to speech applications for this language. The system is based on a unique normalization platform that maps words - no matter how complex - to unified meanings, revolutionizing the way search engines work.

Melingo's products include MorfixTM a smart morphologically-aware search engine for Hebrew; The Morfix system includes single-query search, cross-language search. Melingo also markets unique enterprise solutions for data retrieval and information extraction that smoothly integrate with existing systems; online computerized dictionaries KolanTM - a unique text-to-speech (TTS) product for Hebrew,  and Nakdan - automated vowel addition (Nikud) to Hebrew texts online service.