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The Internet is still English-oriented; this being the case, there is not a lot of thought put into tackling computational problems that arise out of certain linguistic traits of non-English languages. Yet these languages are widely used over the Internet, Intranets and e-mail communication. Solutions for searching non-English texts and analyzing non-English speech are badly needed.

Melingo specializes in professional search and analysis environments such as large text archives. In these environments, rich NLP technology is even more in demand than over the Internet.

Melingo's role is to bridge the gap between these languages and the Internet; Whether its Hebrew, Spanish or Hindi - some languages need that extra analysis in order to provide good search tools, and applicable speech products for cellular access to the Internet.

Melingo's vision is to become the leading firm in the development of language and speech technologies and the supply of natural- language-based products, solutions, and services for Semitic languages and other morphologically complex languages.