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Melingo is a leader in computerization of Hebrew. The company offers a unique infrastructure that it is able to break down even the most complex Hebrew texts into their true components, enabling automatic processing of these texts for all computer applications, including search, information extraction, and automatic speech technology.


Melingo's products leverage over 100 person-years, including vast databases, complex and precise algorithms, leading NLP expertise in general, and Hebrew NLP in particular. Melingo is the only company that specializes in all aspects of NLP in Hebrew, a language considered particularly complex in respect to automation, due to the vast number of inflected forms, the consonantal script that omits vowels, and the high degree of ambiguity.


Melingo works closely with its customers, partners, and with many commercial and government clients, to create innovative, tailored and scalable solutions to these and other challenges. Melingo's unique technological infrastructure, together with its strategic partnerships, provide the company with a robust and unique platform for continued growth as it expands its activities to additional opportunities.


Melingo's main areas of activity:


Advanced Search Engines. The Morfix brand name represents Melingo's family of smart search engines and search engine plug-ins, based on highly accurate morphological analysis and tagging of natural language texts. Morfix is applied to computerized archives and databases, intelligence systems, and search engines on public internet sites, and within corporate portals and databases.


Speech Technology. Melingo has created solutions for automatic text to speech (TTS), a technology that enables unified messaging technologies, voice SMS, and other speech applications to support Hebrew text. Kolan™ makes it possible for users to listen to documents, to e-mail messages, Internet pages, appointment books, etc. while commuting or driving a car, all in a human voice over the telephone. In addition, the Personal Kolan™ assists the visually challenged, dyslexic, or otherwise handicapped, to allow them to hear any text displayed on a computer screen instead of having to read it, or to help them communicate with their surroundings.


Online Dictionaries. The "Rav Milim" website at contains the most up-to-date and extensive Hebrew dictionary in existence today. Other than the full contents of the renowned Rav Milim Dictionary, the site includes a full bi-directional English-Hebrew, Hebrew-English dictionary, the most extensive Hebrew Thesaurus, a dictionary of idioms and phrases, an automatic rhyming dictionary, a full and accurate grammatical analysis of each entry and much more.


Melingo's development team, consisting of computational linguists, leading linguistic experts and expert programmers, was awarded together with Professor Yaakov Choueka the 1997 Prime Minister's award for Computer programs for the creation of Rav Milim and Nakdan Text for automated vowel addition (Nikud) to Hebrew texts. The Rav Milim tools have been incorporated into Microsoft Office consistently since 1993.